Cleo "Nines" Brown (Deceased)

The street-savvy disco queen.



Image: The product of a white father and black mother, she has light brown skin and dark brown ringlet hair. Average height, lean but athletic build, extremely beautiful.
History: Cleo grew up experiencing discrimination from both sides of the racial divide. She learned to fend for herself at an early age and spent much of her adolescence on the street. After the death of her mother she had no other relatives to look after her and at age thirteen she was rescued by a street preacher named Moses Washington. He chased off the pimp who had been grooming her and saved her from a miserable life, acting as her father figure for the next three years and introducing her to a more wholesome future. She sang in his gospel choir and was eventually noticed by a talent scout from Detroit Public Television in 1978.

In 1979 she was a backup singer on The Electric Company. She’s had other minor roles since then, including a stint on 3-2-1 Contact! and as the voice of several cartoon characters in after-school specials.

Father: (Wallace): A folk singer and ACLU activist from Soho. He was a member of the ACLU and an outspoken political activist for both the Civil Rights movement and the Anti-War movement of the mid 60s. He met Cassandra during the March on Washington in 1963. Cleo was born a year later. In 1969 he was drafted. In 1970 he was reported MIA and never heard from again.

Mother: (Cassandra): An artist from Detroit. She was a strong supporter of Martin Luther King’s SCLC and spent most of her youth producing counter-culture illustrations. She collaborated with Wallace on a number of projects and the two of them eventually fell in love. When he was drafted her work darkened significantly and after MLK’s assassination she joined the Black Panthers. In 1976 she was killed while resisting arrest at a riot.

Cleo met her end at the hand of the melded FatherThe Smiling One entity, using a silver-retrofitted claymore mine to destroy the beast and herself in the process.

Cleo "Nines" Brown (Deceased)

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