Albrecht Morningkill

Creature Type: Garou
Affiliation: Gaian
Location: Sept of the Green
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Silver Fangs
Auspice: Ahroun
Rank: 3 (Adren)
Known Abilities: The standard strengths, Gifts and regenerative qualities of a Changing Breed. Also wields a grand klaive.

Image: A tall, broad caucasian man with pale and often sunburnt skin, long platinum blonde hair and aristocratic features despite his five o’clock shadow. His furred forms boast an unbroken pelt of purest silver and often tower above others in size.
On his best days, Albrecht is the model of the modem Silver Fang – he wears his silver hair in a ponytail, his eyes are sharp and clear, and he can command respect regardless of whether he’s wearing Garou regalia or tattered jeans and trenchcoat. On his worst days, he looks like ten miles of bad road, every inch the scarred, scruffy veteran of a thousand fights and a long exile.

Albrecht is not a typical Silver Fang king. He is considered crude -the quintessential “ugly American” – by many of his royal colleagues around the world, although none deny his martial effectiveness in combating the Wyrm. In this sense, they admit, he is a true scion of House Wyrmfoe.
Jonas’s grandfather is King Jacob Morningkill, lord of the North Country Protectorate of North America. He was once a highly respected ruler, but devolved into madness, becoming paranoid and obsessed with testing his court for its loyalty. Although Jonas’s father was a Kinfolk – Jacob’s sons and daughters did not breed true – the Albrecht family was long considered to be one of the more pure of blood, as far as human standards go. They were not, however, traditional nobility, but were instead descended from the wealthy merchant elite of Holland, come to the New World with the Silver Fang tribe.
Jonas, as the sole direct descendant of Jacob to breed true, was naturally considered to be Jacob’s heir. As Jacob’s madness took its toll, he mistook Jonas’s youthful glory-seeking actions for veiled threats against his throne. He banished Jonas from his kingdom on the charge of insubordination and treachery. Albrecht, too immature to understand just what had happened, became embittered and angry at everything Silver Fang – the tribe’s customs, people and legends. He retreated to New York City, where Mother Larissa and her Central Park Bone Gnawers gave him hospitality. ~ He forthwith proceeded to become a drunk, spurning his duty to fight the Wyrm.
He had a number of run-ins with other Garou, many of them violent, for his self-destructive urge inevitably caused him to insult them in one way or another. The New York Garou still talk about the knockdown, drag-out fight between him and Mari Cabrah, a Black Fury who despised his condescending attitude. They had a number of follow-up matches, ambushing one another now and then, but none of them decisive.

The pack first met Albrecht after Nico had requested access to Gardiners Island, which he already knew was a Silver Fang protectorate. Albrecht granted that access, in return for the pack putting out a good word for him at the Sept of the Green and assisting in his search for Micah, a cousin and childhood friend that had been banished from the North Country Protectorate years before. – The Smiling One II

He later joined in the battle against the Smiling One, leading a pack of Black Spiral Dancers away from the Wolves of Montauk that they might face the Smiling One without interference. – The Smiling One Finale

Albrecht Morningkill

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