Creature Type: Changing Breed
Affiliation: Varies. The majority serve the Weaver, but there are rumors of other factions.
Location: Across the known world and Umbra.
Known Abilities: Many of the same strengths as any Changing Breed.

The Ananasi are a Changing Breed based on spiders. Unlike the rest of the Fera, or the Ovid as the Ananasi call them, they were not created by Gaia; instead these werespiders were created by Ananasa, a daughter/sister to the Weaver that was in turn created to not only provide the Great Weaver some companionship, but an outside perspective on matters. While not the first of the Changing Breeds, they are very well near the beginning. Once the Weaver finished binding the Wyrm in her webs, the Wyrm retaliated by capturing Queen Ananasa. Holding her prisoner in a flawless opal, he coerced the Ananasi into servitude in order to keep their Queen Mother Safe. Out of this act were born the Kumo, spider-shifters of the East. They are similar to their cousins in the West and other parts of the world, however they are still in service to the Wyrm.

An Ananasi is literally an army of arachnids with but one mind. Unlike the other Changing Breeds, the werespiders can literally be in a hundred places at once. In times long past, humans worshiped the Ananasi as gods – or devils – in various lands throughout the world. The spiders neither considered themselves a part of the human race nor even particularly close to their human Kinfolk. Countless generations ago, the Ananasi served as advisers and protectors of their human cousins in exchange for reverence. Predatory by nature and often cannibalistic, they’ve never felt a strong bond with other beings.

In modern times, the spider-folk still hold the purpose that they were originally tied to. To do the will of their Queen and free her from imprisonment. Though their interaction with human society, they do this. By manipulating the affairs of humans, including economics, politics, and society, the children of Ananasa build a complex web of millions of strands, linking every creature in the world with every other creature. Though their immediate purpose may remain unfathomable except to their own views and that of their Queen; their ultimate goal lies in recreating the Symmetry that held the world in perfect balance in the beginning of things.

To this end, the Ananasi have found havens in all parts of the world and in strata of society. Camouflaged by their adaptation to the human world, they exercise their hidden agendas disguised as the normal actions of everyday life.

The pack encountered a variety of Ananasi while visiting the CyberRealm. They battled Kumo, a particularly foul, Eastern Wyrm-branch in the service of powerful umbral lords.


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