Black Tooth

Creature Type: Bastet (Simba)
Affiliation: Unclear
Location: Southern Africa
Known Abilities: A powerful specimen of the Changing Breeds.

Black Tooth, also known as the Dark Lord, is a midnight-black Simba who nearly exterminated the Ajaba and has ruled Africa for a long time with cruelty and efficiency. Even after his fall, he is seen by many Simba as the epitome of their kind, how great they can be and how bestial and cruel they can be.

A direct descendant of Amadu, the most ferocious of the three original Simba, Black Tooth was the most powerful Bastet of the Modern Nights. He was rumored to have slain more of his kind than the Garou managed to kill in the War of Rage. With his pride, the Endless Storm, a highly efficient group of Simba and Kinfolk that had manage to overcome their Bastet-born solitary nature and working together effectively as a team, he ruled Africa for many decades, starting the late 1970s when he and his pride began successfully lashing out at all European interlopers, supernatural and mundane. Most African Bastet support him. The Ajaba did not, and fight him.

It was he who used the secrets of the Ajaba to invade the court of the Hyeana King at Ngorongo and him, who piled up the skulls of the slain Ajaba and their Kin into pyramids that decorated the court. He managed, however, to keep the Wyrm’s minions in check, as even they feared him, and with contracts made with various vampires he managed to restrain their hold on his continent. He was also fiery protective of the African wilderness and slaughtered many westeners who tried to bring their way of life into his domain. So great was his power, that he managed to keep a great wyld beast, the Illganwasi baKalahari, the maker of life in Africa, at bay, putting him to sleep beneath the Kalahari desert, lest his awakening would usher the Apocalypse.

Black Tooth

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