Blissful Friends Network

Creature Type: Garou, Kinfolk and humans
Affiliation: Gaian
Location: Stony Brook University, New York though chapters are opening across the country.
Known Abilities: The standard strengths, Gifts and regenerative qualities of a Changing Breed in the case of Garou, though even the Kinfolk and humans seem able to radiate peace and happiness through their unusual link to The Smiling One.

The Blissful Friends Network is more than a mere student organization gaining traction across the country and popping up in the most unlikely of places. It is also the chosen title of the Garou pack that had first cultivated the Smiling One, who empowers the humans’ otherwise useless rituals and ceremonies.

The stated intent of the Blissful Friends Network is to offer its members spirituality without borders or confining dogmas that is both inclusive and pluralistic. Combining elements of psychology, holistic health and most any bit of piecemail spirituality new members bring, it has become a surprisingly effective recruiting tool. Of course, the humans participating in the organization can’t see the Smiling One directly, but they do feel someone or something watches over them the longer they participate in the growing ‘family.’ They also know the pack of Garou that safeguard them are somehow more highly attuned spiritual beings, despite most being unaware of the true nature of their patrons.

The pack encountered the Blissful Friends while seeking out the source of spiritual silence creeping into their territory, conferring with Father before receiving information on the location of a Black Spiral Dancer pack within their territory as a sign of goodwill.

Known Members:

Blissful Friends Network

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