Bone Gnawer Homeland

Location: The Umbra
Affiliation: Gaian, Bone Gnawers
Occupants: Bone Gnawers (And to a lesser extent, Ratkin.)

The Bone Gnawer homeland resembles a public park, surrounded by the low-rent area of the city. Here dumpsters overflow with fattening, edible junk, cheap restaurants are open all night, the pitchers are one dollar if that, the strippers are easy and you can find a quarter or a place to sleep just by looking down. Outside the ‘city boundaries’ stretches a sleepy, pastoral, scarcely populated series of hills full of briar patches, apple trees and fat cattle.

A subway system connects the various areas of the domain, as well as with various other Umbral areas such as the CyberRealm. The turnstiles to the subway are perpetually broken, so everyone rides for free. Rat Gafflings swarm through the area, dispensing gossip and dirt in exchange for goodies.

Only Jules has experienced much of his Tribe’s homeland so far. He arrived while nearly dying of exposure during his Rite of Passage, experiencing something of a vision quest. While there, a Ratkin named Jessee taught him how to control his shapechanging and new Gifts.

Bone Gnawer Homeland

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