Creature Type: Human
Location: Montauk, NY for a time, though he travels all through the States.
Affiliation: No official alliance, though many would certainly consider him of the Wyrm.
Known Abilities: Genius level intellect, an utter lack of anything approximating morals.

Image: The Calculator is an African-American man of indeterminate age with a large build. Further details are difficult to discern because he wears a black leather mask that covers his entire head with holes for his eyes and mouth. The mask is otherwise unadorned. The Calculator wears tailored suits and carries a hunting knife and automatic handgun.

Background: The Calculator is obsessed with solving an insanely complex mathematical problem. He believes that solving it will provide him with the ultimate unified theory that explains everything – time, the universe, the meaning of life, God. The only way he can solve this problem is by murdering people selected according to a mathematical pattern, and using the results of the death such as patterns of blood spatter and the position of the body as factors in the solution. He will not stop until he is imprisoned or killed.

The Calculator is highly intelligent and has yet to be caught in spite of several previous slayings. He had murdered a software engineer named Matthew Coyle and used his identity and apartment – since Coyle was wealthy, having helped create some very successful products, this gave the Calculator considerable resources by the time the pack encountered his deeds in their territory. Rather than pursuing, they focused on other, more important threats as he made his escape.


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