Carl Brasco

Creature Type: Human
Affiliation: None, works with Amun “Whispers-Wisdom” and the Wolves of Montauk, though unaware of their special nature.
Location: Montauk, NY
Known Abilities: Middlingly decent police detective.

Image: A rough, oafish, middle-aged white man who looks like he’s been drinking and smoking too much since childhood. Generally disheveled, he prefers an old-fashioned trilby hat and ill-fitting trench coat. At least he wears a tie, though it’s usually left loose and doesn’t hang low enough.

A controversial officer within the East Hampton town police department, his colleagues will swear up and down that he’s a good cop. This is despite his reputation for brutality, taking bribes and even ties to organized crime. While long since divorced, he is currently engaged in a loose relationship with a local widow.

Amun “Whispers-Wisdom” has developed ties with the detective, often calling on him for matters Ed Caldwell and Janice van Landingham would be reluctant to engage in, such as the kidnapping of David Zakis, a Shadow Lord lost cub, just before his first change. – Fists of Avalon III

Carl Brasco

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