Chester Van Gelding

Creature Type: Human
Affiliation: Wyrm, Seventh Generation
Location: New York
Known Abilities: Uncertain.

Image: A roly-poly tycoon, with short, thinning, white hair. In the Umbra, he appears as a mad Dutchman with wild eyes, a lunatic grin and long, white hair. In t his mode he dresses in severe, black clothes cut in the old puritanical style of the early days of New York.

Van Gelding is ancient. He was born during the age of Dutch sovereignty over New York. He has created an ongoing dynasty by pretending to be his own son. He marries a young woman, adopts a son or buys one from the Snatchers (since he’s infertile), and uses Wyrm magic to sculp the child’s face to look like his. When the son grows up, he kills the boy and takes his place.

He has a mansion on Long Island, where he conducts power dinners and sacrifices. He is one of the oldest Seventh Generation leaders in New York, and the only one from the original contingent still alive, but he is not the most powerful.

He took an active part in defiling sites sacred to Gaia, and became rich selling the artifacts. He laughably tells his friends he is “doing well by doing evil.”

The pack was made aware of this foul creature by Andre Baptiste, a member of Pentex that desires Gelding destroyed for the influence he has gathered over the local branch of Avalon Incorporated. The Garou were provided with details of his residence and schedule, to do with as they will. – Fists of Avalon III

Chester Van Gelding

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