David Zakis

Creature Type: Garou
Affiliation: Gaian
Location: Sept of the Sentinel
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Shadow Lord
Auspice: Galliard
Rank: 0 (Cub)
Known Abilities: The standard strengths, Gifts and regenerative qualities of a Changing Breed.

Image: A lean, lanky, gangly white youth that has yet to grow into his new stature after puberty. Dark brown, almost black hair that tends to hang down into his face, half-covering soft, grey eyes.
His Crinos looks almost as bony as his homid, but that raven fur of his helps afford him an almost regal appearance compared to his scruffy human form.

Unaware of his Shadow Lord heritage, this kid was bounced from foster home to foster home after being removed from an abusive uncle’s care. He quickly found him footing in the slums, becoming a small-time drug dealer and general hoodlum.

The pack kidnapped him during his first change, stealing him away from the Hellroarers as they attempted to do the same. He currently resides at the Sept of the Sentinel, awaiting his Rite of Passage.

David Zakis

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