Defiler Wyrm

Creature Type: Celestine
Affiliation: Wyrm
Location: In theory, somewhere within Malfeas
Known Abilities: Immense and impossible to truly fathom.

The Tellurian entity called the Wyrm manifests in the Umbra and the physical plane in many ways. Some are personalized forms and some are abstract presences. Among the Wyrm’s personalized aspects are bestial spirit personifications of specific forms of destruction and hate. One is Beast-of-War, a driving spirit that incites men to hate and kill one another in open warfare. Another is Eater-of-Souls, a primordial presence that is personified consumption. It devours all life in its path and excretes putrefied corruption. The Croatan tribe exiled Eater-of-Souls to the Umbra in a ritual that destroyed every member of the tribe and their patron spirit as well.

But there are other, more subtle manifestations of the Wyrm. One grows from an ancient form of hate – a hate reserved for women only. It’s a fear that springs from men’s primal awe and fear of childbirth, and is as old as mankind’s earliest days. The name of this fear is seldom spoken, but it drives otherwise rational men to brutalize innocent women and children. In ancient times it manifested as socially sanctioned infanticide, genital mutilation, witch-burning, and legally permissible rape. Though these horrors are still rampant in many parts of the world, today’s more advanced civilizations reject such irrational policies and have criminalized them.

Despite these measures, however, the primordial fear still exists, and bubbles up as far subtler sexual terrorism. It appears as generational warfare, covert sexism, sexual abuse of children, and legally unenforceable rape laws. The generational warfare it creates ranges from blatant emotional and physical abuse of children to the complex and subtle cruelty inherent in destroying the children’s legacy. On a personal level, parents infected with this fear destroy their children’s legacies by recklessly squandering all the financial resources and spending all the money that the previous generation earned and passed along to them. On a national level, this fear makes people destroy the pristine environment they inherited, and run up crippling national debts that they then pass on to future generations. The power of this fear is palpable, and manifests on Earth as the subtle, highly intelligent, highly malevolent presence called the Defiler Wyrm.

The origins of the Defiler Wyrm are a great secret. Its followers know it has a unique personality, intelligence and a strong sense of self-preservation, but don’t know its nature. It may be of the Incarna, broken away from the main body of the Wyrm, or a Celestine, growing in power to the point where it can rival the Celestine Gaia. They also do not know whether fear and hate created the beast, or if the beast instilled fear and hate in the hearts of mortals. All they know is that this fear and hate is more important than any other force in their lives. While some Defiler Wyrm acolytes think the Defiler Wyrm is just one aspect of the Wyrm, other followers suspect that the Defiler Wyrm has swollen to such a ponderous size that it has a distinct and almost separate identity from the main body of the Wyrm. What all Defiler Wyrm agents agree on is the nature of the beast. It is the supernatural embodiment of the most fundamental violations of trust in the family of man. When the bonds of trust between man, woman and child are severed, the Defiler Wyrm is heard, laughing.

The largest and most devoted sect of earthly followers of the Defiler Wyrm is the powerful secret society called the Seventh Generation. The sect fulfills the Wyrm’s mandate to dominate, defile and destroy the body of Gaia by focusing on the domination, defilement and destruction of women and children. Like the Wyrm, the Seventh Generation agents of the Defiler Wyrm are anti-life, and women and children represent life. In the microcosm, a man’s control over a woman’s body is like mankind’s control over the body of Gaia – not partnership, not trusted companionship, but suspicion, disdain and endless strife.

Some high-ranking Seventh Generation occultists suspect that Beast-of-War is the actual recipient of the Seventh Generation’s worship, and that the Defiler Wyrm is really just its pawn. If this is true, it is a secret to the rank-and-file members of the Seventh Generation, who see the Defiler Wyrm as the most direct channel to the awesome entity that is the Wyrm.

Defiler Wyrm

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