Detectives Ed Caldwell and Janice van Landingham

Creature Type: Humans
Affiliation: Unclear, though they seem to be uneasy allies with the Wolves of Montauk
Location: Montauk, New York
Known Abilities: Normal humans that seem to be varying degrees ‘in the know.’

Image: Detective Caldwell is a slightly husky black man in his early forties, starting to get grey in his facial hair. Detective van Landingham is taller, younger and leaner with pale features and icy good looks.

Detectives Ed Caldwell and Janice van Landingham were rarely seen apart, but that may be due to the fact that they were rarely seen when they aren’t investigating the latest gruesome horror or unexplainable oddity on Long Island. The pack became acquainted almost immediately, during the events of The Dirt Man. Initial suspicion has since shifted into the detectives being well aware the young pack is up to something, but also that they’re helpful and useful enough to occasionally look the other way for, or even to drop a tip.

During The Seventh Generation, the detectives found their hands tied in the case of child kidnappings from higher up the chain, and so they fed the pack information on a Brothel where they may well be held, then delayed police forces long enough for the MS-13 to be dealt with.

They have also been working to try revitalizing a community center in Montauk, with the bulk of their political resistance removed during the pack’s latest assault on the Seventh Generation.

She contacted the pack about a standoff outside of an apartment complex, when it was clear someone inside was wounded and they were unable to reach t hem. This led the pack head-to-head with the Calculator, a serial killer.

Van Landingham was assigned to a task force that brought her dangerously close to the Lunatic Harold Masters, though she was unaware of his status as a Lost Cub. After stopping an attempt on her life, she was shortly kicked off the task force and commiserated in the arms of Jules “Against-All-Odds” Scranton back at his hotel room. Afterward, she had pulled away from the pack as a whole and Jules in particular bit by bit for nine months.

The reasoning for this was later discovered as she was found when she was hospitalized for complications with pregnancy. Rushing to the hospital, the pack discerns that she was suffering from a form of the Ratkin Birthing Plague, not unlike the occasion that Jules himself was strangely infected by an attack from Lucas. Calling on Ratkin aid, their ritualists manage to preserve the lives of the children, though the toll on Landingham’s body places her in a deep coma. Left with the healing magicks of the Ratkin ritualists, Jules brings his three children back to the surface. Two girls and a boy, the boy suffering from hypoplastic left heart syndrome, making his first few nights very touch-and-go. – Weird Science

With Janice still comatose, the pack began relying on Ed a bit more, and while he had much less notion of just what the Garou were, he trusted them enough to provide them details on past cases in their hunt for a human Wyrm-Cult. – A Mirror, Darkly

Johnathan van Landingham, Janice’s Silver Fang grandfather, appeared to make demands upon Jules when he discovered she had borne his children, Johnathan’s great-grandchildren. – Summer Snows


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