Dirt Man

Creature Type: Fomori
Affiliation: Seventh Generation, Defiler Wyrm
Location: Montauk
Known Abilities: Able to step into the spirit world, ignore mundane weaponry and fill his opponents with overwhelming despair.

The murderer known as the Dirt Man is actually the second serial killer with such a title. The first slaughtered a boy’s mother in front of him, instilling that boy with an abiding hatred and darkness that no amount of foster care could fix. It was inevitable that the hole in his spirit would be filled by darker things; a bane in this case.

He welcomed his new ‘friend,’ remaining in control even as he found himself instilled with abilities he belived set him above and apart from humanity. In his madness, he came to believe he had a purpose to fulfill, taking up the straight razor of the original Dirt Man and taking up where ’he’d’ left off.

It wasn’t long before the Seventh Generation’s Lord Akbright located him, inviting him to join the ranks of Snatchers just as the original had. This short but brutal career ended abruptly when the pack followed him back to the junkyard that was his drop site and the future location of Accountable Automotive. The Garou tore him to pieces with ease, using that vigilante justice to instill something of a sense of being protected in the neighborhood, and also beginning their association with the Detectives investigating the case.

Dirt Man

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