Creature Type: Wraiths
Affiliation: Unaffiliated
Location: Dark Umbra
Known Abilities: Near-limitless control of the Dark Umbra and its inhabitants. Virtually unassailable.

The Boatmen’s Society, or the Oath-Circle of the Oar, commonly called the Ferrymen by those unfamiliar with their secrets (a list that encompasses just about everybody) are one of the oldest and most powerful societies in the Underworld.

To the Hierarchy, ferrymen are a mysterious and largely inscrutable force. Charon founded their organization, and they are in this way the older brothers of Stygia, but they obviously hold current Stygian society in contempt. This obvious disgust, coupled by their obvious power (every ferryman is an engine of destruction when required) and their secrecy, means that most wraiths view them with some degree of distrust. The Ferrymen are just too powerful to not be sinister.

Thane Acheson is fated to become a particularly influential Ferryman upon his rightful demise, though a measure of his future prowess has been unlocked by an early murder attempt.


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