Creature Type: Spirit-ridden, usually humans or animals.
Affiliation: Wyrm
Location: Wherever the Wyrm dwells and breeds.
Known Abilities: Varies wildly.

Fomori are vile servants of the Wyrm, created when a Bane possesses a human via a spiritual “hole” left by some form of sin or spiritual corruption. The Bane will slowly gain more and more control, until they are completely fused with the host and cannot be separated. Fomori powers vary wildly, but are usually based strongly on their method of creation. The most common (although hardly the only) method of Bane infection is via Pentex; either through employment or usage of its omnispresent products, an unwitting individual can open themselves to possession.

Their Gaian counterparts are called Kami, while the Weaver ones are called Drones and those of the Wyld are Gorgons.

The pack has encountered Fomori several times, first during their Rite of Passage at an Omnicron station, then battling the a Toad deputy of the MS-13.

Another Fomori – this one boasting lamprey-like tongues, was destroyed at another Omnicron station in the heart of the pack’s protectorate.


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