Frater Vermiis' The Pretanic Keys

Location: Currently in James Kiker‘s possession somewhere in New Mexico

This nineteenth-century tome is a compilation of lore concerning the legions of the Wyrm. Its original editor wrote under the pseudonym “Frater Vermiis” and affected a style reminiscent of Israel Regardie’s Golden Dawn. He professed to instruct his readers on methods of channeling the unseen powers of the “Black Labyrinth.” His grisly death in 1892 increased the book’s notoriety, especially since his limited budget could only finance 92 copies.

The chants and invocations are only marginally useful, but the serious intent of occult students still allows various Banes to whisper to the reader. Though much of the information is revealed in allegorical and metaphorical form, a few sections make an admirable attempt at categorizing the hierarchies of Malfeas.

Through diligent study, the reader may even be able to increase his knowledge of the Wyrm’s servitors. Reading the entire book takes at least a day and a half.

The pack found this book on the body of a young Wyrm-cultist closely associated with the Seventh Generation. They hid it away at the lighthouse, trusting the Glasir’s Shrouded Glen effect to conceal it.

Later, James Kiker managed to steal the volume away, while the pack was distracted by the events of Under a Blood Red Moon.

Frater Vermiis' The Pretanic Keys

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