Creature Type: Vampires
Affiliation: Often Wyrm-tainted, but seem unaffiliated.
Location: Presumably all across the world.
Known Abilities: The traditional strengths and weakness of the leeches, with the added talent for shapeshifting into wolves or bats.

The Gangrel are one of the vampire clans. Nomads who hold closer ties to the wild places than most of their city-bound cousins, they are also closer to the animal aspect of the Beast, and are masters of shapeshifting.

From what the pack has gleaned so far, Gangrel tend to be less Wyrm-tainted than the other leeches they’ve come across, and are more readily willing to ally themselves with the ‘lupines.’ The Gangrel Xaviar has assisted them once already, stating he wishes to avoid conflict between the two. Whether his aims have been met remains to be seen.

Known Gangrel:


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