Great White Mouse

The Great White Mouse, Totem of the Sept of the Green

Creature Type: Spirit
Affiliation: Gaian
Location: Sept of the Green, New York
Known Abilities: Connection to all the waters of New York City and empowerment by the Sept of the Green.

The Silver Fangs were never able to adjust to the growing Weaver power as New York grew larger. During the Great Depression, they “fled” to the North Country Protectorate and the Bone Gnawers picked up the pieces. Answering a call from a great Bone Gnawer Theurge of the era, Great White Mouse came to them and helped the tribe survive (at the time living on The Great Lawn in a Hooverville). The relationship between Great White Mouse and the New York Bone Gnawers is unique (the Followers of Rat once devoured the followers of Mouse) but strong.

Great White Mouse’s powers grow in relation to the number of Garou that call the Sept of the Green home; this is one of several reasons the Bone Gnawers allow all tribes on to the Bawn.

It is this totem, rather than Mera that the pack has had the most contact with. Sensing their fear, it had opened a moonbridge to enable their escape after a purposeful harrying. It then sheltered them within a favored Glade, explaining a bit of what they were to face and giving them peace before they continued on their way.

Great White Mouse

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