Creature Type: Spirit
Affiliation: Nominally Gaian, though he does not take part in conflict.
Location: The Penumbra of Montauk
Known Abilities: Beyond simply being a powerful spirit, Gyre can sow nearly divine levels of inspiration toward crafting, performances and expression. In fact, his mere presence inspires something of the sort.

Claiming to be a “son of the muses,” Gyre was locked away in a small pocket of the Deep Umbra long ago. He waited patiently, crafting vast and endless bits of inspiration, until his own personal playground grew dull. Thus, when he spied the silver cord of an accidental visitor to the deep umbra, he was quick to seize upon it. Fortunately, it was a soul in need of sheltering, so he tucked her away and sang to her until more Garou came searching.

The pack met him while seeking out the spirit of a lost cub. He was happy to hand her over, but he asked they allowed him to return, following her cord to the Penumbra to be free. Though hesitant, they agreed, allowing him to take up residence within the Penumbra of Montauk. – Weird Science

After his arrival in the Montauk penumbra, a new wave of creativity permeated into the physical world, which was encouraged by the Garou.


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