Harold Masters

Harold Masters

Creature Type: Garou
Affiliation: None
Location: Manhattan, New York
Breed: Homid
Tribe: None
Auspice: Unknown
Rank: None
Known Abilities: The standard strengths, Gifts and regenerative qualities of a Changing Breed. Also wielded enormous wealth and influence over industry.

Harold’s problems as a child should be familiar to any Garou of human parentage. Fearing that the “permissive”
influences of the mid-to-late sixties would corrupt their already unruly son, Harold’s parents packed him off to military school at the age of ten. There, Harold was taught to suppress his inner turmoils or face the consequences. Refusing to break under constant harassment forged Harold’s iron will. As he grew, Harold also began to manifest an almost irresistible charisma, and soon learned to manipulate those around him.

This charisma is an offshoot of the “animal magnetism” effect innate to Garou, though Harold had not, until recently, manifested any outward signs of his lineage. This charisma, together with unusual good looks and an utter determination to get his way, paved the way for his adult career.

Beneath his controlled surface, Harold seethed with rage. Crushing his enemies gave him direction for that rage, but neither money, nor power, nor his friend, partner, and lover could ease the pain of his repressed nature. His tastes turned more bizarre, more dangerous.

A gang attacked Harold one night down in Brooklyn, but his powerful presence and spirited resistance gave them pause. Harold soon recruited Roy Hell as a bodyguard and became buddy to the gang. Ever the businessman, Harold speculated about wielding several small gangs into one large fighting unit and taking over the local drug trade, but was not mad enough to seriously consider it.

His trip to the Valkenburg Foundation made him mad enough. Now possessing the powers of the Garou (though no Gifts), he returned to the gang in the guise of “Pitt”, killed their old leader and took command. He raided their rival gangs, giving the ultimatum; join or die! Anyone who opposed him was slashed to bits and dumped in an alley .
Harold Masters is a monster, though not entirely of his own making. Whatever decency he may have had is submerged in
Rage now, which only his equally strong Willpower keeps at bay.

He then lived only to destroy his rivals and build enough power to crush both the Valkenburg Foundation and the Sept of the Green. He lived in terror that Valkenburg would come for him again, and soon they did. The pack was initially sent for his recapture, but instead killed him to protect both themselves and the Veil.

Harold Masters

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