Creature Type: Black Spiral Dancers
Affiliation: Wyrm
Location: Sewers of Montauk, New York
Known Abilities: The standard strengths, Gifts and regenerative qualities of the Changing Breeds.

In many ways the polar opposite of the Wolves of Montauk, the Hellroarers take their name from their founder, Gamuush Hellroarer. Their totem, Bat, cherishes darkness every bit as much as Sirius desires light, and the pack take their charge as guardians of their Pit, rumored to be a vastly powerful Hellhole and Wyrm caern somewhere beneath Long Island’s streets.

Known Members:

  • Kills-the-Weak – Current alpha and an unlikely Black Spiral. With a pelt of snow-white and the impeccable scent of breeding on his person, he looks more like a Silver Fang than a Dancer. Still, he paints himself in pictish blue woad and wields a brutally jagged Baneklaive, presenting himself as the ultimate Ahroun and leader on the battlefield.
  • Pirog – Mangy, scruffy, unkempt and now bearing a brutal scar on his throat that prevents him from speaking (after Jack “Hunts the Tainted” Shepherd and Amun “Whispers-Wisdom” nearly killed him), this rat-tailed metis seems an odd choice for beta. His undying fanaticism for Kills-the-Weak makes him the perfect choice, however.
  • Screams-as-he-Kills – Formerly an Uktena Banetender, this lupus theurge embraced the Wyrm many years ago, and has proven himself just as well-versed with combat in the flesh as he is with spirits in the umbra. He prefers to keep his distance, hurtling talens and Wyrmspears at his foes.
  • Cries-of-Death -
  • Gamuush Hellroarer – Once the proud and mighty alpha, Gamuush fell far after Kills-the-Weak usurped him. Now the omega, he suffers greatly at the hands of his new alpha, as if to serve as proof of Kills’ power.
  • Phreak – Deceased (Killed by Artorias “Downfall” Thorolund atop an Endron tanker.)

The Hellroarers attacked the pack during David Zakis’s first change, during which Jack “Hunts the Tainted” Shepherd and Winter Song very nearly killed Gamuush, leading to his defeat at the hands of Kills-the-Weak. – Fists of Avalon III


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