Creature Type: Garou
Affiliation: Gaian
Location: Sept of the Winter Wolf
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Wendigo
Auspice: Ahroun
Rank: 2 (Fostern)
Known Abilities: The traditional strengths and weaknesses of a Garou.

Image: A tall, lean and handsome amerindian man with many traditional trinkets in his long hair and archaic scarification on his body. His furred forms are largely black, with grey patches here and there.

Young and fiery, the alpha of the self-named Icedagger pack loathes any capitulation his tribe makes to the Wyrmbringers (white Americans) or the Wyrmcomers (European Garou). It was due to this loathing that he attacked the pack despite being told not to pursue them. – Rite of Passage V

After his defeat, he and his pack would reappear to battle the Nexus Crawler at Kroder’s Pass, then again at the Sept of the Green to offer an official apology before the elders for his actions.


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