Isabella Fabrizio-Rossi

Creature Type: Kinfolk (Shadow Lords)
Affiliation: Gaian
Location: Montauk, New York
Known Abilities: A shrewd and somewhat ruthless businesswoman and politician.

Image: A short but athletic and curvy Sicilian woman in her early 20s, with large eyes and enviously full-bodied black hair that spills down to her waist. She has yet to be caught in anything but the most tasteful modern fashions or the most purposefully revealing dress.

Background: Born to a family well aware of it’s wolf-blooded heritage, Isabella was groomed from birth to be either an exceptional Garou or exquisite mate to one. When it became clear she would never change, the family cast about for a suitable pairing, which Nico’s father the Margrave Gregor Santovitch influenced heavily.

The two met only days before the marriage, and the pack has suspicions she is carrying the Margrave’s child already, but she has seamlessly melded into Garou life. Already she has assisted in the hunt for a Lost Cub.


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