Jagged Sky

Creature Type: Garou
Affiliation: Gaian
Location: Sept of the Green
Known Abilities: The standard strengths of a Changing Breed.

The pack of the Jagged Sky, named so for their Alpha, is one of the youngest and most recently formed packs of all New York. Immediately taken under the Wolves of Montauk‘s wing, they have served as the younger Garou’s fostern almost from the beginning. They even claimed a protectorate directly beside the pre-existing pack, often assisting one another when matters took them out of the territory.
More recently, there is talk of creating a Warg – three affiliated packs beneath a singular battlemaster – with the latest pack of youthful Garou, who have no protectorate on Long Island to claim.

Pack Members:

  • Steven Jagged Sky (Alpha) – Stargazer, Philodox, Homid
  • Amy “Two Claws” – Black Fury, Ahroun, Metis
  • Night’s Watchful Eye – Get of Fenris, Ahroun, Homid
  • Twister – Glass Walker, Ragabash, Lupus
  • John North Wind’s Son – Wendigo, Theurge, Homid

Jagged Sky

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