Jason Borne

Creature Type: Human
Affiliation: None, friends with Jules
Location: Montauk, New York
Known Abilities: A surprisingly talented vocalist and guitar player.

Image: A handsome young Caucasian man with thin blonde hair that’s been grown past his shoulders and a leanly muscled build that’s beginning to show true definition as he ages into it.

Jason thought he’d live and die up in the backwater village of Kroder’s Pass before the pack arrived to bargain with him for a guitar. He was quick to agree in exchange for some lessons with Jules, finding himself invigorated by how exotic and unique every member of the newcomers seemed to be.

Enthused by this, he ran away from home and illegally entered the U.S., hiding out in Montauk while busking on the street for money and a place to live. Once Jules encountered him again, he hooked the young man up with And My Axe, a budding rock back he’d asked to come to the town to help stimulate Raven Coffee Co‘s reputation in the music world. Since then, they’ve integrated Jason well, allowing him increasing liberty with their vocals. He seems well on his way to a solid career.

Jason Borne

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