Creature Type: Ratkin
Affiliation: Gaian
Location: New York City
Known Abilities: The standard strengths and regenerative qualities of a Changing Breed.

Image: Fairly tall for a teenaged woman, with a lean and almost wiry sort of build that looks more fit for a sprinter than a boxer. She was blonde when Jules first saw her, but she’s since let her brunette shade grow back in. She doesn’t seem to care much about what she’s wearing so long as it gives her freedom of movement, but she’s never seen without her long, ritualistic-looking dagger.

Personality: Her focus sometimes makes her seem distracted, funny enough. She has little time for conversation when she’s doing something, and little time for anything else when she’s serving as an instructor. Though young, she has no illusions about how harsh the world out there is, so she tends to roll her eyes in the presence of too much idealism for her tastes. Despite that, she shows every sign that she wants the forces of Gaia and the Wyld to succeed, even if that means assisting the oft-hated Garou.

Jessee made her first appearance in the Bone Gnawer Homeland, where she helped to instruct Jules on being a Bone Gnawer. It wasn’t asked why she was doing so and not an actual Garou, but she taught him well enough to return to the physical realm with newfound knowledge of his Gifts and ability to shapechange; information which may well have helped save his life and that of his pack’s.

She was later found beneath the city streets during Superbowl Sunday, attending a block party like some sort of bouncer, though she didn’t speak of who set her to the task. Still, she arranged to meet with Jules in the future, so long as it wasn’t directly in caern limits.


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