Creature Type: Ajaba
Affiliation: Gaian
Location: Accountable Automotive
Known Abilities: The usual strength, regenerative qualities and gifts of a Changing Breed.

Image: Juno’s homid form is that of a short but powerfully built woman in her mid-thirties. She appears to be mixed African and Latina descent, leaving her with dusky skin and a mannish face save for her pretty eyes. She’s usually found in her work clothes, coveralls or overalls and carting a pipe wrench the pack is well aware is a silver and gold fetish weapon.

Personality: So far she’s come off as harsh, fierce and abrasive, but also viciously protective of her people and almost blindly unwilling to believe they could do wrong.

Juno serves as New York’s little clan of Ajaba’s Aktu, or matriarch. She nearly dared to come to blows with Cleo during the pack’s search for Mugabe. Refusing to hand over one of her own on the mere word of Garou, she DID allow them to settle the matter without complaint when proof was offered.

The owner, operator and primary mechanic for Accountable Automotive, it is yet to be seen what steps she’ll take to ensure her foothold in the States, even if it’s solidly within the pack’s self-proclaimed territory.

Juno was commissioned to fix up a sedan stolen from James Kiker, informing the pack of the potential for more Ajaba and their kin to arrive soon afterward, due to conflict with a Simba known as Black Tooth.

After Black Tooth began his genocide against the hyena changers, the pack was alerted to the fact that a large group of Ajaba and their kinfolk would be moving to Montauk for safety. The increased numbers seemed to empower Juno, who the clan began to call their “little queen.” She demanded a place at the table alongside the Garou of the protectorate, and the pack decided to involve them with the Warg as an auxiliary force. – The Order of the Rose


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