Kleon Winston

Creature Type: Garou
Affiliation: Gaian
Location: Sept of the Tower, New York
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Glass Walker
Auspice: Theurge
Rank: 2 (Fostern)
Known Abilities: The standard strengths, Gifts and regenerative qualities of a Changing Breed. Also wields considerable clout due to leading up New York’s Glass Walkers.

Image: A short, lean, handsome young black man in his early 20s with a bit of a ‘baby face’ and a smoothly shorn head. He seems to follow hip-hip and afrocentric fashion trends, making his clothing a bit eye-searing at times. He favors vests, hip packs, backpacks and the like to carry his various gadgets, even in wolf form. Those shapes with fur are medium-sized, with dark brown and black shadings and a wryly cunning expression.

Kleon is the official leader of the New York City Glass Walkers, and the youngest leader the Walkers have yet had. He grew up a member of a Kinfolk gang in Harlem. By the time he realized his heritage, he was a skilled fighter and natural leader. He finished his rite of passage and was welcomed to the tribe by the legendary old Glass Walker chieftain, Pride of the Pack. That ceremony was one of the last before the revered old leader succumbed to Harano and disappeared from New York City.

In the power vacuum that ensued, the Walkers fought for control, with the organized crime members dominating for many years. Had Kleon been around in the 1920s, he’d probably have wound up in the Wise Guys camp, and New York’s Mafia might have dominated Chicago’s as a result. he’s simply that good at networking and forming connections. The youthful Kleon rallied the rest of the dispirited tribe and zoomed to the top of the Glass Walker hierarchy. Though he has made enemies among the better-connected Garou, his stewardship has benefited the tribe. During the three years he has been in power, he forged ties to the city’s legions of disenfranchised and disheartened homids, and became an official protector of many down-and-out homids and Bone Gnawers. This gives him access to a network of information greater than any the tribe had previously possessed, and keeps him a step ahead of his enemies in and out of the tribe.

Kleon Winston

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