Creature Type: Garou
Affiliation: Gaian
Location: Unclear, though she makes many visits to New York Septs.
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Wendigo
Auspice: Philodox
Rank: 2 (Fostern)
Known Abilities: The traditional strengths and weaknesses of a Garou.

Image: A youthful Amerindian who dresses casually and in modern fashion. In lupus, she’s medium-gray wolf with clear blue eyes and a lyrical voice. She has black markings on her shoulders and haunches, and a black V on her forehead.

Among the moderate voices in the local Wendigo tribe, Kreeyaah is the most vocal. She triumphed over a great Wyrm infestation during her rite of passage, earning the respect of the entire tribe. Every winter she descends to New York City to visit friends among the Glass Walkers and other Garou. This has caused a great deal of grumbling among her elders, but they have not yet chastised her, hoping she will see the error of her ways before she changes the minds of the younger wolves.

She uses all the political capital gained in her conquests to advocate cooperation with the other tribes. She has brought emissaries from other Garou tribes to the closed Wendigo moots to partake of their rituals and some of her friends from other tribes have earned the grudging acceptance of her people.

She has had several skirmishes with the Royal Canadian Mounties, a few of which have become bitter enemies with her, though she’s completely uncertain as to why they have decided to spend so much effort and time Hunting her.

The pack encountered her during the end of their rite of passage, having been asked to visit Canada in an attempt to retrieve them from the grip of her own tribe. She was the one that escorted them back to New York, allowing them to sleep through the New Year’s fireworks in their exhaustion after the ordeal. – Rite of Passage VI


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