Kroder's Pass

Location: Ontario, Canada
Affiliation: None (Though Wyrmish influences linger).
Occupants: Mundane human populace, with a smattering of Wendigo kinfolk.

Nestled in a flat, arctic tract of wilderness, the village of Kroder’s Pass evokes an aura of mystery and intrigue to all outsiders who enter. Although a mere 150 miles from upstate New York, the village seems to be a world of its own, alien yet somehow familiar in its rustic, simple charm.

Settled in 1823, the current denizens are, for the most part, the direct descendants of the original settlers. Living as farmers and craftsmen since that time, the village has evolved a social ecology which is vehemently opposed to change and influence from the outside world. Travelers entering the township find their reception to be hospitable in terms of creature comforts, but the attitude from the natives will be chilly at best, as they are quite concerned as to the motives of visitors.

Despite their precautions to avoid change, the city is slowly moving into this beautiful land. Omnicron Oil is relentless in its quest for a greater profit margin, and has land the first blow against this simple village. Having established a new, modern service station on the outskirts of town, they quickly ran the former station and store out of business. This proved very beneficial to the tourist trade, but has had some horrible repercussions on some of the local residents.

The pack first stumbled across this village during their aborted Rite of Passage, seeking any means of shelter and civilization in an attempt to return home from the Canadian wilderness. They quickly found themselves caught between the local Wendigo of the Sept of the Winter Wolf and Omnicron, with enemies on both sides and allies on neither. In the end, they destroyed the oil rig to the north and seemed to free the village from the influence of the Wyrm-tainted corporation. Recently, they have been hearing accounts of an even more hostile attitude taking root there.

Kroder's Pass

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