Creature Type: Changing Breed
Affiliation: Wyrm
Location: Throughout Asia and the Umbra
Known Abilities: Many of the same strengths as any Changing Breed.

Something stalks the isolated and dark places of Asia that has a thirst for blood. And it isn’t the vampires.

The Kumo, or Goblin Spiders make there homes here. They are the most advanced and well documented form of insanity that has invaded the Outer Lands. Yes they are servants of Ananasa, but they follow the dictates of the Wyrm above all other things. Even Ananasa herself.

These aberrations are quite disturbing. They do not act as an Ananasi should. For one, they are too emotional. Western Ananasi only show emotion as a means of deception, whiles the Kumo do this for reasons that are their own.


Blood and Silver neojackal Khentiu