Legendary Realm

Location: The Umbra
Affiliation: None
Occupants: Largely ephemera and ancestor spirits

The Legendary Realm is one of the thirteen Near Realms in The Umbra. Fundamentally, the culture of the shapeshifters is derived from their records of past deeds, heroes and battles. Such an impact did these great deeds make that a realm in the Umbra was carved out to house their memories. This is the Legendary Realm.

The Legendary Realm is a place of myth and allegory. The gr&at heroes of the past remain vigilant here, guarding the people from monsters and barbarians. Noble figures from the tales of the Silver Record still sit atop the thrones of millennia ago. The mightiest heroes arrive in this Elysian land to remain strong and skillful against the greatest battle of the End Times.
In recent days, though, darkness has fallen over the realm. In the center of the realm, amid a formerly prosperous kingdom, the Midnight Land has come from Malfeas to bring ruin to the realm’s people. From the north descends the glacial Fimbulwinter to lock the land in shackles of ice, while from the South, the Great Dust brings famine and plague upon the land. Though the Realm is home to some of the Changing Breeds’ greatest heroes, the challenges they must face are enough to daunt the Silver Record’s greatest scions.

The pack visted the realm during their quest to find The Smiling One‘s ban, reliving small fragments of their ancestors’ encounters with the creature in a most unorthodox quest.

Legendary Realm

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