Creature Type: Garou (Bone Gnawers) with several other supernatural allegiances.
Affiliation: Wyrm, though they likely don’t think so.
Location: Unclear, though many have infiltrated the Sept of the Green.

The Maneaters originally derived from a cannibal cult within the Bone Gnawers. Most members were either those who had partook in cannibalism during a Thrall of the Wyrm frenzy, or when they nearly succumbed to starvation. The rich, freely available Gnosis in human flesh is far too tempting and addictive for Garou to indulge in without dire consequences.

Thanks to vigilance, the Bone Gnawers have shattered any actual intersept organization of this society after an incident at Dandelion Hill during which an entire sept of cannibal Gnawers were wiped out and the backbone of the organization was shattered.

Still the Maneaters hang on, growing craftier and secretive. As concern over the foul practice dwindles, their number grows once more, preying on the young, naieve and hungry among their ranks. Any major city may easily harbor one or two among the rabble, though the Superbowl Sunday assault in an attempt to kill Mother Larissa is the first sign of organization in a decade or more.


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