Margrave Gregor Santovitch

Creature Type: Garou
Affiliation: Gaian
Location: New York and
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Shadow Lords
Auspice: Philodox
Rank: 4 (Athro)
Known Abilities: The standard strengths and regenerative qualities of a Changing Breed.

Image: A savagely handsome man that appears to be in his early 40s but is likely much older. He wears a full beard and long, straight hair that has gone silver-grey. His clothing speaks of raw elegance, tempered by the needs of the moment. In all forms with fur, he is lean and powerful and jet black.

Personality: He seems the sort to be perfectly content to leave capable leaders in power, but mercilessly usurps such power from those too weak to properly rule. It seems nothing matters to him but winning, and what would be an obsession in lesser men is a vision in his hands.

From the beginning of his life shortly after World War II, great things were expected of him. His father, a Shadow Lord of great renown in Germany, expected him to bring together the Garou tribes in the aftermath of the tragedy of the war, and his mother hoped her status as Kin to the Silver Fang House of the Crescent Moon would help heal the rift between the two tribes. But it was not to be. Politics made such endeavors impossible, though the elder Santovitch refused to give up hope. He held to the idea throughout Gregor’s childhood, and instructed his son to keep the Shadow Lords strong and bring the tribes of the Garou Nation together.

Gregor took those words to heart and trained relentlessly to become the powerful leader his father wanted him to be. He became a ruthless politician, inherited his father’s title and began battling the Wyrm in Germany even before his first change. He secured Shadow Lord lands in Romania to ensure the Wyrm could not expand into his ancestral homeland, only to find himself under more assault by wyrmspawn than ever before. It took a coalition of Black Furies, Red Talons and Get of Fenris to finally stamp out the most overt threats before turning to the Americas and beginning to continue that network of allegiances overseas again, especially now that his son has been born in New York.

The pack’s exposure to the Margrave has been brief, largely restricted to Nico when he arrived to introduce himself as his father and lay out his steep expectations before fostering him for acceptance as a cliath. – The Dirt Man

For promise of future returns, he used his political pull to acquire legal custodianship of the Montauk Point Lighthouse for the pack. He returned later to test Nico’s resolve by invading upon his territory until challenged, after which he left Chiroptera’s Claw in his son’s care.

It was the Margrave who provided Nicodemo “New Thunder” Rossi information regarding the Sept of the Weeping Daughter opening its bawn to outsider tribes. – The Weeping Daughter

Margrave Gregor Santovitch

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