Mera, Totem of the Sept of the Green

Creature Type: Spirit
Affiliation: Gaian
Location: Sept of the Green, New York
Known Abilities: Connection to all the waters of New York City and empowerment by the Sept of the Green.

Originally summoned by the Silver Fangs in 1855, she has dominion over all water that flows in New York City (both polluted and clean). Those who call The Sept of the Green home, know that there are many Moon Bridges in New York that connect to the Sept of the Green via water, ponds, fountains, swimming pools, and so forth. When Mera chooses to appear in a humanoid form, she takes the appearance of the Angel of the Waters (the statue on top of Bethesda Fountain).

Mera opened a Moon Bridge into the Sept without the Sept’s permission to allow the Silver Fangs that had first called her into the Caern safe passage during Superbowl Sunday of 1982, nearly allowing them to lay claim to the territory once more.


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