Meryl Burghoff

Creature Type: Human (Kinfolk)
Affiliation: Gaian, associate of Heaven
Location: Montauk, New York
Known Abilities: Highly educated, but otherwise a mundane Kinfolk.

Image: A middle-aged, matronly caucasian woman with short-cut black hair with silvery highlights from age.

Meryl always knew she was kinfolk, and even than she was distantly related to Loba Carcassone. Like her cousin, she took an interest in sheltering children from the depravities of the Defiler Wyrm, but lacking claws and fangs, she opted to pursue child psychology straight out of high school. Mingled with the lore of the Garou, she has been quite successful in leading those the Seventh Generation have victimized toward a happier, healthier future. Now she works out of the Montauk Playhouse Community Center, gently and carefully searching out any hint of a damaged soul that might grow into shelter for the Wyrm when the children are aged.

Meryl notified the pack of a strange series of murders that led them to a Seventh Generation cult. – A Mirror, Darkly

Meryl Burghoff

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