Montauk Playhouse Community Center

Location: Montauk, New York
Affiliation: None
Occupants: Mundane humans of all sorts.

Originally build as a Tennis Auditorium in 1928, the building was positively immense. At the time of completion, it was the largest of its kind, directly across from the Montauk train station and just below the Montauk Manor, giving many visitors the first vision of Montauk proper. Since then it as served as a boxing exhibition, a Navy assembly hall and theater, an indoor arena for horse training, a seasonal theater and then was finally abandoned.

During the late 70s, the Montauk city council unilaterally opted to shut down most every community wellness program in favor of more ‘practical’ expenses. Cut taxes meant few voters disagreed, and thus the few community centers on Long Island dwindled and died as the last fundraisers and donor support tapered off.

Determined to improve the lives of youth in their territory, the Wolves of Montauk used vast quantities of cold, hard cash taken from the pockets of dead Seventh Generation supporters during the raid on Lord Akbright’s mansion to revitalize the very efforts he had once worked to crush.

Thus was born the Montauk Playhouse Community Center Foundation, Inc. An organized effort rose to save the historic Montauk Playhouse and create a home for arts, education, athletics and much needed community and human services again. Since then, the building has been beautifully restored and now hosts:

  • A child daycare center.
  • A senior nutrition center.
  • An adult day care center.
  • A high-school regulation-sized gymansium.
  • A fitness center and
  • A physical therapy practice.

Plans are currently underway for an aquatic center with lap and recreation pools as well as multi-use community rooms and lounges. Such plans are in need of over five million dollars for completion, so donors are still being sought.

Meryl Burghoff, a Silver Fang kinfolk turned child psychologist, works here during office hours.

Deep in the heart of the pack’s territory, several of the Garou feel a vested interest toward the community center, and thus keep a close eye on the place. They’ve already had to chase off a group of MS-13 trying to sell drugs on the premises, followed by nearly being arrested by the police themselves. The community has a long way to come, but it all begins somewhere.

During a lost cub’s escape from Valkenburg, the Garou crashed through the center’s parking lot, creating a stir and damaging some vehicles.

Montauk Playhouse Community Center

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