Creature Type: Talon of the Wyrm
Affiliation: Wyrm
Location: Sept of the Winter Wolf
Known Abilities: While trapped, merely the ability to communicate and perhaps influence those it has a link with. If freed … nothing would be beyond it’s grasp.

Long ago, early in the war against Gaia, the Wyrm reached into the world to grasp it. The valiant garou leapt forth as one and gnawed off the Wyrm’s hand. The Wyrm screamed and pulled its limb back, withdrawing it through a rift into worlds the Garou could not follow. The Garou fell upon the severed hand and tore it to pieces, but they could not destroy it utterly.

As the fingers were bitten off, they squirmed away in different directions, and the Garou split up to chase after them. As each finger was caught and torn some more, the talons came apart. When they touched the ground, they reformed into different shapes, and each one ran off in a different direction. By this time the Garou were too weary to stay on the trail, and the talons escaped into the world.

Over the span of the years, the Talons returned to cause trouble. They were primal manifestations of the Wyrm, the physical stuff of its first manifestation in the world of matter, and were thus nearly indestructable by any force. But the Garou were able, through great feats and earth magic, to bind them into objects. The Garou still tell the tales of the Talons, scaring cubs around the campfire late at night. They also prepare the cubs for the dreaded days when a Talon might break free of its binding object.

As the stories go, Narlthus was the thumb Talon, the claw of the Beast-of-War and one of the most fiercely powerful. It roamed free until coming to what would come to be known as Canada, many years before white men touched those shores. A mighty shaman named She-Cries-Ice fought it, but could bind it into nothing of the world. So she whispered to the skies and called down a stone from another world. The great shaman bound the Narlthus into the sky-stone and it struck mountains with great force, utterly decimating them. Legend also speaks of the day the Narlthus rises again to defeat the children of She-Cries-Ice.

The pack encountered the Narlthus in ‘person’ upon stumbling upon an Omnicron dig site that appeared to be pouring radioactive material into a quarry. After destroying the site and its guardians, they found themselves confronted by a Nexus Crawler, yanking them into a reflection of the Narlthus’ prison where he demanded they serve him or be destroyed. They refused and he struck at them, but it only knocked them free of the sky-stone.

Now the Sept of the Winter Wolf stands vigil over the Talon’s prison.


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