Nexus Crawlers

Creature Type: Spirit
Affiliation: Wyrm
Location: The Umbra, though they are capable of Materializing in the physical realm.
Known Abilities: Breathtakingly powerful and able to warp reality around it.

Few of the Wyrm’s minions are as fearsome or powerful as the dreaded Nexus Crawler. Some Theurges believe that these alien things come from well outside known reality.

A Nexus Crawler’s very presence corrodes and decays the fabric of reality around it. In its natural state, a Nexus Crawler appears as a black shimmer in the air, a warbling vibrato drone, a feeling on the skin like fingernails scraped across a blackboard and a miasmic scent reminiscent of a cancerous illness. If necessary, it can manifest in the form of all manner of loathsome and horrifying avatars. Nexus Crawlers are sapient, after a fashion. While they are self-aware, their thought processes are alien — even for one of the Wyrm’s servants. Other minions are ill at ease around Nexus Crawlers, and they tend to avoid them under normal circumstances. When in combat, Nexus Crawlers rarely use tactics that make any kind of rational sense, and they do not often employ “logical” tactics. This fact alone may have helped werewolves survive encounters with Nexus Crawlers. Crawlers are effectively forces of nature. They are more akin to tornadoes or earthquakes than to other Banes. Should they so choose, Nexus Crawlers can assume a truly vile, repulsive and terrifying form. Humans will run in terror at first sight, as if they have been affected by the Delirium.

Lieutenants of the Seventh Generation are said to match the prowess of a Nexus Crawler in the Umbra, which is why they should be strictly confronted in the physical ream whenever possible.

Nexus Crawlers

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