North Country Protectorate

North Country Protectorate

Location: Adriondack Park, bordered by Canada, Vermont and Lake Ontario
Affiliation: Gaian
Occupants: Many, though the Protectorate itself is claimed by Garou (largely Get of Fenris, Fianna, Silver Fang, and Uktena).

Most of upstate New York is dominated by the huge Adirondack Park, the biggest park in the continental U.S. The North Country is bordered by Canada to the north, Vermont to the east, and Lake Ontario to the west. The St. Lawrence River divides the land from Canada, and is the
setting for the spectacular Thousand Islands. Most of this stunningly beautiful land is filled with breathtaking forests, sparkling rivers, vast wilderness, and the tallest mountains in New York. These mountains house the great Sept of the Sentinel.

The North Country area was tom with bloodshed during the Revolutionary War, and Garou tribes continue that bloody tradition today, as Get ofFenris, Shadow Lords and Uktena skirmish over the Caern of the Sentinel. Angry Wendigos and Red Talons stalk the northern border, adding instability to a dangerous region. (The Wendigo tribe, which makes its home in Canada, calls this region the Adirondack Protectorate rather than the North Country Protectorate. To them, the real North Country is Newfoundland.) In addition to the tribal packs, multitribal packs, such as the Black Axe Pack and the Saranac Stranglers, range over the Adirondacks and parts of southern Canada. The Black Axes have a base in the Black River and the Saranac Stranglers can be found near the Saranac River, though the Get of Fenris claims this site and contests the Stranglers’ use of it.

There are other supernatural entities here as well. Wyrm spirits scream through deep gorges, and Black Spiral Dancers lurk far beneath the mountains in a network of secret caverns and tunnels. The Garou seldom organize their tribes to fight their mutual enemies.
Deep in the waters of Lake Champlain, a monster dwells. Similar to the Loch Ness Monster, “Champy,” as the locals call it, is only sighted occasionally, and proof of its existence is still wanting. It is in fact one of the Great Beasts. It sometimes swims from its Umbral Glen into the physical lake, where it can be seen by humans. Bull Roarer, the chieftain of the Uktena, can summon it through the Umbral passageways to the Niagara River with his Gift.

One hundred years ago, at the end of the 19th century, a group of Garou Kinfolk fought to stop the destructive exploitation and rampant development of the North Country, which had killed all the natural wolves. They created legislation called the “Forever Wild” statute, which prescribed measures for preserving the natural character and beauty of the place. Lumber and mining have since dried up, leaving the place wild and free for tourists and Garou alike. Many nearly extinct species are on the road to recovery because of Forever Wild. Whitetail deer, moose, black bear and salmon are all staging a comeback here, though the wolves and big cats have been utterly eliminated.

The Garou tribes put aside their infighting and are of one mind on this: the remaining species must be preserved. The city of Utica is on the southern fringe of the North Country Protectorate, and Schenectady, Albany and Troy are in the extreme southeast part of the area. The Garou tribes of the North Country sometimes send packs to these human cities to clean up Wyrm sites, but they do not maintain any real ongoing presence in these cities. The multitribal packs regularly visit the cities in homid form, and keep up on the latest news from the humans.

The pack invaded this protectorate without permission to destroy Lord Akbright and his manse, fearing diplomacy would lose them the children kidnapped from their territory. They were closest to King Jacob Morningkill and his Silver Fangs, but managed to escape before they were discovered.

More recently, the Silver Fangs of the area have expressed an interest in reclaiming some of their lost territory. Under the mad king’s orders, they have begun sending very brutish and imperialistic “diplomatic” envoys to the surrounding Septs, including the Sept of the Green.

Artorias “Downfall” Thorolund spends a good deal of his time in this Protectorate, meeting with the Renewalists of his tribe.

North Country Protectorate

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