Creature Type: Largely humans, with spirit, Fomori and Black Spiral Dancer support.
Affiliation: Wyrm
Location: Northern Ontario, Canada and Montauk, New York
Known Abilities: Alliances with Wyrm creatures nonwithstanding, Omnicron appears to be much like any other greedy, corrupt corporation.

Omnicron is a rather new name to the oil corporation scene, but is growing in power rapidly north of the United States’ border. It’s known they are a subsidiary company to the Endron International corporation, but have largely escaped the mildly negative connotations of their parent company. Somehow managing to dodge the more environmentally aware governments of Canada, they’re already sinking their claws into Ontario. Specifically a patch of land north of Kroder’s Pass in the Kenora District.

The pack has encountered Omnicron during their Rite of Passage, suspecting the new Omnicron dig site had something to do with the troubles plaguing Kroder’s Pass. They turned out to be more correct than they possibly could have guessed, when they endured a brief encounter with Zhyzhak prior to a Nexus Crawler manifesting to drag them before the trapped Narlthus.

In the end, most of the staff and site of the dig were destroyed, due to the efforts of the pack and the local Sept of the Winter Wolf.

The pack later found themselves shocked as an Omnicron station was being built within their own territory. Utilizing the threat during the Rite of Passage involving Tommy Knockraha and Jack, they once again destroyed a Hellhole and the Fomori manning the counter, the day before it opened.


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