Affiliation: Wyrm (Pentex)

“The Family Place!”

Batter-dipped and double-fried, that’s O’Tolley’s. This is a chain of fast food restaurants specializing in the most greasy, fat-filled food imaginable. As such, it appeals to loads of consumers who want quick meals, not realizing some products are tainted. O’Tolley’s ads do a good job of promoting a wholesome family atmosphere; what they don’t show are the sad conditions of the cattle farms and destroyed forests that make way for grazig pastures. Eating at O’Tolley’s is a great way to gain 20 pounds, or shred your gall bladder. Since such health hazards don’t show up for days or weeks after eating at O’Tolley’s, consumers rarely realize the ultimate source of their sickness.

The pack has one O’Tolley’s in their territory, which Jules is particularly fond of visiting. He’s on good terms with the staff there, proven when he set to investigating a gruesome murder perpetrated on one of their drive-through staff.


Blood and Silver neojackal Khentiu