Samuel Haight

Creature Type: Kinfolk
Affiliation: Gaian
Location: Stony Brook University, New York though he travels a great deal.
Known Abilities: A remarkably bright mind and the skills of a man devoted to a lifetime of hunting.

Image: A tall caucasian man in his early 30s with hazel eyes and platinum blonde hair. He is in exquisite physical condition and would be considered handsome if his bone structure weren’t quite so broad and blocky.

Samuel’s father and cousins know the glory of being Garou, but Sam himself never Changed, which made him a bitter disappointment to his bloodline, the purest blood in the Children of Gaia. Determined to make up for his shortcomings through any means possible, Sam began his life of near-successes as soon as he was old enough to join his highschool football team. He was truly the best of the best, reaching peaks of physical perfection the other students simply couldn’t match. Surprisingly, it was his near-flawless scholastic achievements that netted him his scholarship to college, but still he became a rising star in the all-state teams in both football and baseball. It was clear he was destined to become a professional athlete up until his last year of college, when his chances were destroyed along with his right knee while he joined the ranks of Kinfolk defending the Sept of the Hand of Gaia.

Turning back to academia, Haight found his family’s distractions too great to allow him to make top of his class by the time he graduated, yet he still found means to make it to medical school. There too, he found himself excelling right up until the scholarships and loans died off and he found himself dropping out in the last year. The latest of obstacles he could not quite surpass.

Having been born and partially raised in the wilds of the Adirondacks, Haight turned to something he already knew he was among the best at – hunting. He began to hunt big game the world over, stalking and killing every type of dangerous prey that could be imagined. He even investigated any rumors of Wyrm creatures, dispatching those monsters too sly for the Garou to find, or too weak to catch their notice. It was during his travels that he came across a Mage, what the Garou call human willworkers. In studying with the man for a time, he came to learn that there is power waiting to be Awakened in some men and women around the world. Thus, he’s returned to his old homelands in search of peace and spiritual clarity, which he believed he’d found with the Blissful Friends Network.

This belief proved false, as he was increasingly ill-treated and even abused by the Network and his own family. Being a being of lesser spirituality than a full Garou, they looked down upon him and used him as little more than chattel. The pack eventually assisted in his escape, even going so far as to battle the Carney Brothers in the middle of the street. In the end, Haight decided his presence was more of a liability than assistance, fleeing both packs’ territory and hopping aboard the first plane he could charter. – The Smiling One III

Months later, he returned to the pack’s protectorate, baring various gifts, including the full hide and bones of a lion he had hunted and ritualistically killed. He asked for permission to take shelter in the pack’s territory, near to Valkenburg that he may visit his cousins, the Carney brothers. They allow it. – Weird Science

He eventually returned from a journey to South America, where he has successfully hunted and culled several Wyrm-tainted jaguars. After having their pelts and bones cleansed, he offers them as gifts to the pack. He states he has acquired a position at a mining company, hoping to make environmentally sound alterations, but he will be remaining in the area for a while. Having started something of a training camp for other kinfolk, he offers his services to teach any kin the pack may have how to defend themselves. – Fists of Avalon III

Samuel Haight

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