Sara Lancaster

Creature Type: Human (Kinfolk)
Affiliation: Nominally Gaian
Location: Formerly Pennsylvania, currently Montauk
Known Abilities: Renowned as one of the world’s greatest detectives and possibly the most famed living martial artist.

Image: Attractive in an unassuming fashion, Sara is a clear example of Germanic stock. Light blonde, clear blue eyes, pale skin, and a frame that’s almost athletic from a hard-working lifestyle. Her usual fashion consists of a plain dress, though she’s recently been experimenting with a bit of color.

Sara Lancaster was the oldest daughter of the family that took Artorias “Downfall” Thorolund in as a child. Almost from birth, the two were arranged to be married, as the Lancasters were a renowned, pure-blooded line of Germanic Silver Fang kinfolk. They cared deeply for one another, but after Artorias’ first change, he fled the countryside and left Sara and the rest of the family behind.

Sara arrived in Montauk with Mary Stoltzfus, a young kinfolk from a fellow Amish family. This line had darker traditions, including that of child brides. Not wishing Mary to succumb to such a fate, she stole her away and fled to the only person she thought might be able to help – Artorias. – The Order of the Rose.

Sara Lancaster

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