Sept of the Green

Caern: The Central Park Caern, Central Park, New York
Level: 3
Attunement: Fellowship
Tribal Structure: Mostly Bone Gnawers, but all tribes are represented here.
Totems: The Caern has two totems: Mera, originally summoned by the Silver Fangs; and the Great White Mouse, who came to the aid of the Bone Gnawers.

As the Sept the Wolves of Montauk pay homage to, they offer their services and assistance when needed, and come to rest when their Gnosis reserves are depleted or when they simply need to recuperate among their own kind.

The pack attended Superbowl Sunday, though the Bone Gnawer annual festivities were darkened by an assassination attempt on Mother Larissa, foiled only by Timone’s death.

Shepherd endured a Rite of Punishment after breach of the Veil in the takedown of a Lunatic Lost Cub.

The caern was originally dedicated to the Wyld, but as the city grew around the caern, the forces of the Weaver reduced its power. After the Bone Gnawers started to care for the dying caern, a second totem was brought into the park. Now the location acts as a magnet, drawing Garou together. Indeed, the caern is nicknamed “The Melting Pot Caern,” because of its open policy and location near what was once the immigrant capital of North America.

Caerns of Fellowship are sites where Garou can celebrate their diversity and set aside their differences. The caem is a gathering place for many important regional moots. The points gained from activating the caern can be added to Expression, Persuasion and Empathy.

Mera is a powerful water spirit whose domain includes all the water that flows through New York City. Water acts as a focus for her powers, and her Moon Bridges join several bodies of water within the park.

The Great White Mouse is an old totem fighting to survive. His existence predates the origin of the Bone Gnawers. He was once a minor totem of the Garou, but when the Bone Gnawers formed long ago, the followers of Mouse were slain by the Children of Rat.
The caern’s original totem, Mera, was summoned when the Silver Fangs first opened the caern in 1855. As the site declined, Mera weakened. During the Great Depression, however, the number of homeless in the park drastically increased, and a great Theurge brought Mouse from the
depths of the Umbra to help the Bone Gnawers survive.

Mouse gains power from large gatherings of Garou (After all, one mouse can only hide, but a nest of many mice can achieve far more to ensure their communal survival.) He is meek and unassuming, but his powers are excellent for gathering lost Garou together.


Central Park is located in Manhattan. l l0th Street (or “Central Park North”) forms the northern border, and visitors can enter from the north through the Farmer’s Gate or the Warrior’s Gate. East 59th Street (or “Central Park South”) forms the southern border. The Artisan’s Gate and
the Artist’s Gate are located here, along with Columbus Circle and Grand Army Plaza. The western border of 8th Street, with four entrances, is referred to as Central Park West, and Fifth Avenue, with five entrances to the park, lies along the eastern border. There are many other smaller entrances.

Four horse paths cut across the park from west to east: they roughly correspond to 97th Street, 85th Street, 79th Street and 65th Street. The Reservoir is the most visible landmark, dividing the park in half.

The Bawn

The entire park forms the bawn of the caern, allowing the Garou to watch the humans quite closely. The force of the Wyld is strong here, and it holds the Weaver at bay. The Bone Gnawers want the citizens of New York to enjoy the serenity of nature while drawing upon the energy of the wilderness. The diversity, energy and beauty seen throughout Central Park show that their stewardship is working quite well.
At the same time, Garou have a chance to interact with (and attempt to understand) humans. People expect unusual things in New York, especially in Central Park, so there is a great deal of freedom. The Gnawers’ communal attitude and acceptance of everyone is part of the democratic spirit pervasive throughout the caern. However, despite the liberal nature of Central Park’s Bone Gnawers, there are rules governing conduct within the bawn.

The Center

The caern actually has two “centers.” The stronger one, overseen by Mera, encompasses the Esplanade and Bethesda Fountain. The spirit of Mouse can also be summoned near the Great Lawn: there is a nexus of energy located under nearby Turtle Pond.

Bethesda Fountain is a focus for Mera’s power. The fountain marks the spot where the Silver Fangs first opened the caern. Since then, the ground has been covered in concrete, but the fountain, named after a place of healing in Jerusalem, is still a place of power. The nature of the
Wyld is alive there, and meditating by the fountain or Looking out upon the Lake gives insight and inspiration to troubled souls.

On one side of the fountain is a huge restored building with a massive open area on the ground floor. Staircases ascend on either side of the building, and the roof of the edifice allows an outstanding view of the surrounding area. A Lake can be seen on the other side of the fountain; boats and canoes from the Loeb Boathouse traverse this body during the day. A peninsula extends into the lake. From its tip, the Master of the Rite can call upon Mouse or Mera to open a Moon Bridge.

Turtle Pond, the less powerful center, is located at the southern edge of the Great Lawn. The Wyld, aided by Mera, long ago created a Chimare (a Realm of dreams) around the park. Silver Fangs sleeping near the pond had incredible, inspirational dreams. Unfortunately, neglect has weakened this spiritual power. During the Great Depression, many of the city’s homeless built a shantytown on the Great Lawn. They called it “Hooverville.” The Bone Gnawers of the city protected the residents. Seeking the wisdom to guide the Bone Gnawers,
a powerful Theurge (the Reverend Barnaby Morton of the Church of Hooverville) slept by the banks of Turtle Pond.

His dreams took him through the Chimare surrounding it and led him deep into the Umbra. He quested for anything that could help the sept. Deep in a lost Realm, he found the lair of Mouse and brought him back to the park. The spirit of the Great White Mouse now rests beneath Mera’s waters, dreaming in the Chimare.

Known Members:

Sept of the Green

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