Sept of the Stars

Caern: None
Level: -
Attunement: -
Tribal Structure: Open, dominated by Stargazers
Totem: -

Atop one of the stable cloud mountains lies the home of a particularly unusual sept – a group of mostly Stargazers that has forsaken the physical world to fully explore the mysteries of the Aetherial Realm. These werewolves have gradually disconnected from the physical world; they are now creatures of spirit, although they still act as if they possessed all their mortal qualities. Their most powerful member is Altair, a mighty spirit warrior who still remembers how to use his Kailindo to utmost effect.

The sept resides in a huge spirit-orrery, a nearly impossible building filled with clockwork and ephemeral representations of the planets and stars, always turning in relation to one another. Many of the more significant celestial bodies are represented not by globes, but by actual rooms; to study the movements of Mars, a character may actually stand within a red-hued room with translucent walls and compare his position to the rest of the heavens. The orrery is confusing and difficult to navigate, but the sept members are more than happy to guide seekers along the right path.

Known Members:

Sept of the Stars

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