Sept of the Weeping Daughter

Caern: Grimbone Creek, located 15 miles west of Lawson, Alaska atop Mount Gibb
Level: 4
Attunement: Sorrow
Tribal Structure: Entirely Red Talons, only recently opened to other tribes.
Totems: The Weeping Daughter


Mount Gibb stands nearly 2500 feet above sea level. The bawn of the caern surrounds the entire mountain, but stops short of the road leading to Lawson, the nearest town. The mountain s upports several packs of wolves, nearly all Kinfolk to the Red Talons as ell as deer, mountain goats and other forms of prey. The caern’s heart itself rests beneath an outcropping near the top of the mountain’s peak.

The Bawn

Technically the bawn engulfs the whole of the mountain, but the sept rarely keeps an eye out for intruders beyond an eyeshot from the caern center itself. The terrain is difficult and reputed to be both haunted and extremely danerous to humans, who seldom brave the threats. However there are numerous crude traps designed to alert the sept to anyone nosing about. Many spirits and the human ghosts help to watch the Umbrascape for troubles and guard against desecration.

The Center

Hidden within the mountaintop outcropping is a shrine to the Weeping daughter consisting of a mound of smaller stones surrounding a large oblong piece of shale turned on end. The shrine is eight feet tall. Many ancient symbols of the Wendigo and Red talons rest alongside painted and decorated skulls of moose and bear lie at the foot of the center stone.
Also within the caern are lines of burial mounds, largely for long-dead Wendigo and their human kin. Unusual for the Talons, these mounds are preserved and protected by their tribe. A small burrow enters the side of the mountain on the eastern side; this is where the Garou live. The passage branches off into five smaller dens.

Known Members:

The Wolves of Montauk arrived at the Sept of the Weeping Daughter at the behest of the Margrave Gregor Santovitch via Nicodemo “New Thunder” Rossi, encouraging them to build ties with a long-estranged tribe of pure-blooded Lupus. While suspicious of his motives, the pack could not disagree with the opportunity. – The Weeping Daughter

Sept of the Weeping Daughter

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