Sept of the White Water

Caern: Goat Island at Niagra Falls
Level: 1
Attunement: Gnosis
Tribal Structure: Open, with power shared by Fianna and Uktena
Totems: Uktena

This tiny caern is located on Goat Island, and commands a spectacular view of the falls. The sept is headed by Bull Roarer, an Uktena of the nearby Tuscarora Indian Reservation.

Agents of the Wyrm nearly claimed this caern in the 19th century, when they succeeded in boarding Niagara Falls from the sight of all viewers and charging money for a look. This plan was beaten by Frederick Law Olmstead, a Kinfolk who worked with Fianna Garou to protect the
natural areas around the Falls. Olmstead and his allies freed these sacred lands for public viewing, and established the first state park in the nation here. Olmstead also fought off a second Wyrrn attack designed to tear out the natural life and build a sculptured garden. Olmstead was the architect of Central Park in Manhattan, and a powerful environmental leader. Not surprisingly, his name means “homeland.”

Though the Uktena are loath to share their ancient sites with other tribes, they acknowledge the great service the Fianna performed in wresting the site back from the Wyrm. As a result, the Fianna have sealed close ties with the local Uktena, and opened what was once an Uktena sept. The Fianna are content to let the Uktena rule as long as the caern is open to all. The only time the Fianna tore down an Uktena leader and installed a Fianna was 60 years ago, when the Uktena tried to seal the caern from “invader” tribes.

Sept of the White Water

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