Sept of the Winter Wolf

Caern: Dreamer’s Rock, Ontario
Level: 3
Attunement: Stamina
Tribal Structure: Wendigo
Totem: The Winter Wolf

This Sept is extremely insular, so precious little is known of the leadership or even membership in its ranks. In an unprecedented display of fellowship, the Sept agreed to foster a New York pack for their Rite of Passage. In exchange, they sent five cubs of their own to the Sept of the Green. When kin-fetch spirits returned with news of the cubs’ murder, the New York cubs were exiled under threat of death should they return.

The pack later saw the Sept defend its protectorate from a Nexus Crawler and the Narlthus through Omnicron Oil before departing, and even received a formal apology from Icedagger after he attempted to assassinate them against his Sept’s wishes.

Despite the Sept’s misgivings, they were mobilized into action against Aanakalliiq, and even allowed Jules “Against-All-Odds” Scranton to lead one arm of the war party. – Heart of Ice

Known Members:

Sept of the Winter Wolf

Blood and Silver neojackal Khentiu