Silver Fang Homeland

Location: The Umbra
Affiliation: Gaian, Silver Fangs
Occupants: Ephemera, Silver Fang ancestor spirits and Silver Fangs themselves on pilgrimage

The homeland of the Silver Fangs is as majestic as would be expected of such a land. It resembles a noble preserve of the Old Country, with great swaths of the countryside resembling nothing less than the Russian steppes. Castles dot the land, interspersed with woods full of game and sweeping mountain ranges. Any Silver Fang who comes to the land will be accompanied by a Falcon Gaffling, which will swoop from the sky to perch on his or her arm.

The centerpiece of the realm, the Castle of Heroes, is usually off limits to all save Silver Fangs. Inside, monuments to the glory of the tribe meet the traveler’s eye, and great feasts, masques and other entertainment lifts the spirits of weary heroes.

Upon closer inspection, the astute traveler notes that the castles are crumbling, the mountains eroding and the trees taken by rot. The proud banners of the castles have been torn by the wind, and the moats are clogged with algae and scum. Only those not of the Silver Fang tribe can see this. The decay is not all-pervasive, and portions of the realm still shine with some glory, but things appear grim for the ruling tribe.

The pack journeyed to this realm to reach the adjacent Legendary Realm in their quest to find The Smiling One’s ban.

Silver Fang Homeland

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